Unicorn’s Bluetooth board does the smarts, letting you just do the darts

Maths teachers and arithmetic fans: roll your eyes in (501-498), (501-499), (501-500)…
28 March 2017 / 10:46BST

The least fun part of darts is obviously the scoring. Throwing little arrows across the room? Yep. Drinking loads of beer? Yep. Working out what triple 17 + double 9 + 11 is? Nope. Smartboard (£250) does the maths for you, via a Bluetooth connected app. What’s more, it doesn’t require some crappy battery-powered darts: you can use any, thanks to a hole in the Smartboard’s power button in which you can magnetise the end of your arrows. It also comes with an app featuring all manner of games, from the classic ‘501’ to the less well known Killer, Round the World and Cricket; who knows, maybe darts will be 2017’s Wii Sports for house parties.

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