The Toybox is a 3D printer for kids

Because you’re never too young to seize the means of production
25 August 2017 / 15:58BST

In the olden days, back when Stuff was a nipper, you’d count yourself lucky if you got given a brick on a string to play with. These days, not only do kids have fidget spinners, iPads and Oculus Rifts as well as bricks to entertain themselves, the Toybox 3D printer is like having their own toy factory. Kids can use the app to pick the toy they want to print, or, if they’re particularly precocious, they can design and produce their own. Then, if our experience of 3D printing is anything to go by, you just need to entertain them for three hours while it gets to work. Back it on Indiegogo now from US$249.

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