These Marvel-themed fidget cubes are instant desk improvers

Super-powered stress relief
30 October 2017 / 16:56GMT

All year the kids have been going mad for fidget spinners, but we reckon these doodah-loaded cubes are way better - and not just because you can get one plastered with Iron Man’s face. On each of The Original Marvel Fidget Cube’s six sides you’ll find a combination of switches, buttons, rolling balls, gears and joysticks, the apparently science-backed idea being that channelling all your pent-up energy into one little device ultimately helps you better focus on the job at hand. We can’t vouch for that, but if clickable Spider-Man and co. can stop us from knuckle-cracking then they really are living up to their (super)heroic reputations. Grab 'em for £10 a pop. 

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