The Tankbot sees, grabs and runs

Cackles must be provided by human operator
06 March 2017 / 16:00GMT

TankBot is the latest in UBTech’s Jimu range, and we’re excited about it because, while the other ’bots were equally cute – one was a penguin with a bow tie, for pity’s sake – their skills were limited to servo-based leggy wombling. TankBot (£145 at the Apple store) has tracks for scooting about on uneven floors, plus an IR sensor that enables it to sense and grab things with its clutching arms. Scoot, see, grab and drop – if that’s not an adequately fun scenario for learning to code, we’ll eat our PiHat. There’s an app that guides you through the building and the coding, and a big community of Jimu users out there for mod suggestions.

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