Super Anthony is a nimble, combat-ready, programmable battle robot with a penchant for punching

Ant and deck
18 May 2018 / 12:33BST

Here at Stuff, we’re mostly faced with robots at the adorable end of the spectrum, like Cozmo and Sphero Mini. Super Anthony (from $1299) is different, because he wants to punch other robots’ collective diodes out. The dinky scrapper is described as an “agile beetleweight fighter”, due to his state-of-the-art 15-axis structure, full freedom of mobility, and wide range of fighty moves you can expand via the magic of programming. (Uppercut! Sidekick! Forward roll! Nodon’tfalloffthedesk!) Presumably, the aim is to pitch him against other fighting robots, although at over a grand you might instead choose to simply keep Super Anthony in shape, ready for the day the Decepticons invade. At just 38cm high, they’ll never see him coming.

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