Senstroke turns any surface into a virtual drum kit

And the neighbours can’t complain
11 February 2020 / 16:12GMT

Everyone secretly reckons they could bash out the drum break to In the Air Tonight. All you need is a gorilla suit that fits properly, right? In actual fact, playing the drums is quite hard – but French startup Redison wants to make it easier with Senstroke (from £145). While the name might make it sound like some sort of fruity massage gadget, it actually consists of two sensors that attach to a standard pair of drumsticks (the wooden kind, not turkey). Once attached and hooked up to a mobile device running the Senstroke app you can turn any surface into a drum kit, with each strike triggering a MIDI note, meaning you can practice pretty much anywhere without disturbing anyone. You’ll be bashing out those Phil-quality fills in no time.

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