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Parrot’s Bebop 2 Power lets you fly for longer

Battery boost

With its compact form, credible snapper and (relatively) affordable price point, last year’s Bebop 2 ticked a lot of the boxes for the rookie pilot looking to step up from bedroom mini drone to something a bit meatier. The Bebop 2 Power (available from this month, £629) takes that formula and builds on it. Thanks to the two included battery packs, flight time is now up to an hour, and the addition of hand throw takeoff makes it even easier to get the compact drone airborne. The new ‘Cameraman’ feature uses AI to take better photos and videos, allowing you to concentrate on the flying, while shooting modes such as ‘Epic’ and ‘Rise let you unleash your inner Spielberg. Throw in Parrot’s Cockpitglasses 2 for immersive FPV flight, and you might just be looking at your next (or indeed first) drone.