Onewheel electric skateboard eats pavement for breakfast

Anyone fancy a Pint?
13 March 2019 / 11:58GMT

Anyone in their right mind knows that a grown adult riding a micro scooter is one of the worst crimes a person can commit in 2019, but there’s something quite tempting about Onewheel’s new electric skateboard. Smaller, lighter and easier to get the hang of than the company’s more expensive XR, the Pint (from US$950) has a new Simplestop feature, which means you just lean back to come to a halt and casually dismount. Inevitably there will be places you can’t ride it, so there’s a built-in carry handle, but with a range of up to eight miles and a top speed of 16mph, you’ll want it under your feet at every opportunity - if only to leave those scooter-riding dweebs in your dust.

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