Little Sophia is a tiny, kid-friendly robot that wants its kind to be a little more human

Girl power
27 March 2019 / 10:50GMT

You can barely swing a cat about the Stuff office without having it wallop a dozen programmable robots, such are their ubiquity. But Little Sophia ($149) is a little bit different, in that she wants you to think of her as human. Loosely based on Hanson Robotics’s full-sized Sophia robot, the 14in mini-her goes for cute, rather than slipping into creepy uncanny valley. Doddering about, she recalls a Gerry Anderson puppet, minus the strings; and the emphasis on storytelling and personality, augmented by facial expressions, tracking and recognition, should bring joy to the faces of your own little ones. Well, assuming they can master programming Sophia (totally to not make her do questionable things), and thereby set themselves up for a long and successful career in STEM and/or robot bothering.

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