Lego sets its sights on your Christmas money with the app-controlled Top Gear Rally Car

It’s rally good
27 November 2019 / 15:21GMT

If your friends and family have less imagination for gift-buying than the average whelk, and you find yourself on Boxing Day flush of funds but low on exciting things to do, grab an App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car (£124.99, available 26 December). This collaboration between BBC Studios and Lego is an authentic GT Rally car you can control with your phone. Snap together its many plastic pieces, ensure you don’t leave the motor down the back of the sofa, and you can drive the thing back and forth, steer, and yell VRRROOOOMMM! while anyone hungover nearby regrets not getting you something nice and quiet, like a book. As for the Top Gear bit, that’s on the final model represented by some nice stickers of the show’s logo, and a handful that say ‘STIG’. The mysterious white-helmeted wonder himself, however, sadly hasn’t again been officially immortalised in Lego form.

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