Lego celebrates 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse with iconic Steamboat Willie build

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18 March 2019 / 15:17GMT

Lego is celebrating the 90th anniversary of the one and only Micky Mouse with an absolutely gorgeous Lego Ideas Steamboat Willie set. The brand-new build showcases Walt Disney's groundbreaking animation, which was the first of its kind to feature synchronised sound, by lovingly recreating the SS Willie in all of its monochromatic glory. The boat itself features a working crane, steam pipes, and spinning paddle wheels, letting you play out classic scenes from the iconic short, and includes brand new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse minifigures along with a booklet chock-full of fun Steamboat Willie facts. It won't set you back a small fortune either, and will retail for the rather reasonable price of £79.99 when it sails into stores this April.

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