The Jakks Pacific Skid Shot is here to revolutionise office warfare

Launching loo roll at your pals has never been this much fun.
05 December 2018 / 11:59GMT

A famous person once said that war never changes, but we're here to tell you they were dead wrong. The Jakks Pacific Skid Shot (£28.98) has revolutionised the ancient art of office warfare by giving you the means to blast reams of loo roll at your co-workers with pinpoint accuracy. Gone are the days of short-range staple gun wars and barbaric rubber-band skirmishes. Thanks to the Skid Shot, which turns toilet paper in to clean (and hygenic) spitballs, you'll be able to clip your colleagues from up to 30 feet away to remind them exactly why they shouldn't have pinched your last yoghurt. Muller Corners don't eat themselves, Sandra! You'll get 350 spitballs per roll, and because the Skid Shot only uses a small amout of water, cleaning up after you've shown everyone who's boss couldn't be easier.

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