The Hot Wheels Zoom In is a toy car that doubles as a dirt-cheap GoPro mount

Behind the wheel
07 June 2018 / 13:30BST

The Hot Wheels Experimotors line is known for oddball designs – witness Gotta Go, a 1920s dump truck, with a huge toilet bowl behind the cab. But Zoom In (about $1; UK pricing £TBC) might be the oddest yet – and the best for tech fiends. The car looks like it’s driven at speed under a very low bridge. But in place of windows, doors and a roof, you get a big clip, which can hold a GoPro Session or Hero 5 Session. Snap the camera in place, and you can use it as a cheap way to create tracking shots, or just finally live out that childhood dream of experiencing what it’d be like to sit in the seat of a Hot Wheels car as it performs sickening loop-the-loops – before hurling itself off of the patio table and into a hedge.

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