Audi's latest E-Tron creation is what happens when a scooter and a skateboard fall in love

Scooter, are you ready?
06 August 2019 / 12:54BST

E-scooters have been getting a bit of a bad rep. After all, it's easy to hate the sort of gadget that encourages folks to hurtle past pedestrians like a drunken extra from Cars, and allows companies to use vapid marketing phrases like "multi-modal mobility." Audi, however, might've just won us over with its brand new E-Tron Scooter. Combining the functionality of a scooter with the style of a skateboard, it can be ridden with one hand, meaning riders can look around and give hand signals to the perplexed road users behind them, and is steered (like a skateboard) by shifting weight from one side to the other. When not in use, the E-Tron can be folded up and stuck in a car or even pulled around like a sort of high-tech trolley. Winner winner. 

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