Penna Red is a wireless mechanical keyboard that looks like a retro typewriter

Keys are good
22 October 2019 / 9:00BST

Most Bluetooth keyboards are cheap and clunky abominations, eye-searing fare for gamers, or characterless slabs of metal and plastic. Not Penna Red ($159). Drawing inspiration from the glory days of people hammering away at keys, this one has a fully retro vibe, looking every inch the classic typewriter. Your device sits in the magic slot, like a hefty slab of paper, and connects via Bluetooth. You then merrily bash away at your choice of keycaps – rounded 4-AXIS or retro chrome – that marry precision and class. It’ll switch between up to five devices (Android and iOS are supported, as are Macs and Windows PCs), and there’s even a carriage return lever – although this isn’t just for show. When typing in an app, you obviously needn’t press the lever on reaching the end of a line; instead, it’s used to record and trigger macros that save you keystrokes – and make you feel all smug and productive.

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