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Lenovo has unveiled the world’s first foldable PC

Coming in 2020

Foldable phones? Pah, old news. We’re all about the foldable PCs now, the first of which has been just been announced by Lenovo. Launching next year as part of the brand’s ThinkPad X1 line, it’s essentially a supersized version of the bendy blowers we’ve already seen. You get a 13.3in 2K OLED that folds up to roughly the size of a large diary, but that makes it much more compact than most laptops. As with any foldable, versatility is the main selling point. The currently unnamed device can be used as a tablet, a laptop with a digital keyboard, or held half folded like a book. There’s a kickstand if you want to stand it up and connect a Bluetooth keyboard, as well as pen support for scribbling. Lenovo isn’t saying much on the specs front right now, but we know it’s running full-fat Windows. More info when we have it.