Apple’s new Magic Keyboard is a wireless wedge of numeric loveliness

Keys for cogitation, without the chords
06 June 2017 / 15:13BST

It’s a universal truth that Apple likes to tinker with existing objects, refine them (in aluminium, natch) and stick on a hefty price tag. Take the Cupertino corporation’s new Magic Keyboard (£129): in many ways it’s identical to lots of keyboards on the market - not least in that it has a full set of keys (including a full numerical keypad). It’s also, though, undeniably Apple. It’s wireless, for starters, and has been engineered into a slimline wedge shape that incorporates a rechargeable battery. Besides a size boost for the top row of tappers, the under-key scissor mechanisms should make your new novel a breeze to bash out, too.

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