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Sony’s Aibo is reborn with new doggy AI

Robo pet returns with impressive AI skills - but it’ll cost you

Back in 2006, Sony’s original Aibo went to live on a farm. We thought that was the last we’d see of the cute little robo dog but, like a tiny, four-legged Jesus with OLED screens for eyes and a waggly tail, Aibo is back from the dead. The reborn version has two cameras (one in its nose and another at the base of its tail) and multiple sensors that’ll detect when and where you’re petting it, but it’s the new-found AI skills that should elevate the returning Aibo from mindless mutt to pedigree pup. It can now recognise different people and react more accurately to commands, while developing its own personality depending on how well you treat it. These extra doggy brains come at a price though: ¥198,000 (about £1300) plus a monthly subscription of ¥2500 (around £16.40). Woof.