Sony's new 21:9 uber-wide Xperia 10 is a multi-tasking miracle

More for your money
25 February 2019 / 15:04GMT

Love big screens? Then you're going to adore the Sony Xperia 10. The new mid-ranger boasts a 21:9 wide 6inch display that's perfect for multi-tasking - just use side sense and the app launcher to trigger split screen and run two apps at once - or enjoying your favourite movies in their ideal aspect ratio. It also means you can shoot your own videos in that same format, with the handset's dual 13MP and 5MP cameras giving you the tools you need to make a little bit of movie magic on the fly. Despite being longer than your average smartphone, the Xperia 10 has been designed to fit neatly in your paws, and sports a sleek, minimal look that's perfectly practical, and also rather swish.