Scare off snoopers with Somfy’s siren-packing smart cam

Woop! Woop! That's the sound of your Somfy
08 August 2017 / 15:51BST

It’s all very well having a connected security camera in your house but if the thief is long gone by the time you get home, all you’re really left with is a nice little souvenir video of your burglary - and the only people who are going to want to watch that is the police. Stick a Somfy One (£229) in your house, though, and its 90dB siren, which goes off whenever it sees someone who shouldn’t be there, should make any intruder think twice about sticking around to grab more of your hard-earned possessions. And if you’re worried about little Tiddles setting it off, the sensor is completely pet-proof. You’ll just have to hope the baddies haven’t trained a team of cats to carry televisions.

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