Samsung’s AirDresser is the most interesting wardrobe we’ve ever seen

*Except those manufactured in Narnia
22 January 2020 / 17:09GMT

As much as we enjoy strolling out of the house smelling like a flower bed, doing the laundry is an incredibly boring chore. Not quite as terrible as cleaning the toilet or scrubbing three-day-old baked bean stains off a plate, sure, but definitely inferior to vacuuming and changing a light bulb. Happily, Samsung’s latest smart home invention is designed to reduce trips to the washing machine. The AirDresser (£1,999) is a wardrobe that uses jets of air to loosen and remove deeply ingrained dust from your favourite garms, while a jet steam kills bacteria and a heatpump slowly dries, preventing unwanted shrinkage. There’s even a deodorising filter that gets rid of funky smells. Samsung isn’t saying throw out your washing machine altogether, but fewer washes puts less stress on fabrics and prolongs the life of your clothes, which can only be good for the environment. Pick one up from Samsung’s website or Harrods from January 23.

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