This remote control kettle is worth pouring over

But is it spout of control?
29 March 2017 / 12:55BST

Some acquisitions are made after a period of careful quantification. You establish that the thing in question will have a positive effect on your life. In this case, a high-design kettle that can be set to any temperature you choose, and will keep it there for up to 30 minutes if you like. The kettle in question is the Stagg EKG, and it recently blazed past its target on Kickstarter. For a few dollars more, you can have the EKG+ version with a Bluetooth app: fiddle with your temperatures from afar. See? All this is justifiable. But sometimes higher cogitation is bypassed – we really want one of these because we think the way it pours from that long, narrow-gauge spout, will be gorgeous.

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