Nodez wants to be your smart-home-in-a-box

This box of sensors is like a gadgety tub of Celebrations…
22 May 2017 / 14:39BST

If today’s smart home gadgets are a team of Cristiano Ronaldos all playing for solo glory, then Nodez (from $196) is Leicester City hoping to score an unlikely victory. A gang of affordable, Alexa-compatible sensors that are all managed by a bespectacled Italian (okay, a smartphone app), they can sense motion, humidity, temperature, moisture and smoke, as well as smarten up your existing tech with a range of plugs and buttons. Okay, they don't do anything radically different to British Gas Hive or HomeKit, but Nodez does go much easier on your wallet. And maybe it’s time for the smart home to have its own budget underdog with a fairytale ending story.

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