LIFX unveils new PolyChrome lighting range that unlocks the power of multi-colour

All of the lights
14 August 2019 / 12:27BST

LIFX is aiming to revitalise the world of smart lighting with the its new Candle Color bulbs (£45) and Z TV Strip (£65), both of which have been infused with industry leading PolyChrome Technology. That PolyChrome tech allows the Wi-Fi enabled Candle Colour to use multi-coloured LEDs and individual lighting zones to simultaneously emit a wide range of different colours, letting it mimic the effects of a real candle, or cast colours at different angles to create a range of breathtaking lighting combinations. The Z TV Strip uses the technology to the same effect, and allows users to add halo and bias lighting to their bog-standard gogglebox. Just slap the strip light behind your TV and marvel as multi-zone lighting elevates your favourite movies, games, and TV shows using the power of photons.

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