The Kniterate clothes printer just made grandma obsolete

Career change to jam-making proposed...
04 April 2017 / 14:53BST

Robots aren’t just coming for our jobs – now they’re preparing to stitch up our grandmas too. Kniterate is a digital knitting machine that feeds on yarn, electricity and the tears of retired sewing champions, and produces one-off garments in your choice of colour and design. You can choose the size and pattern of your scarf, sweater or hat from the software’s templates, or upload your own images for it to work with. It’ll then whip up your bespoke winter warmer at a speedy 25mm per second. The good news for grandma is that early Kniterates cost $4499 and won’t arrive until April 2018. Just enough time to knit a giant, robot-smothering blanket...

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