It's Judgement Day for Alexa with AC Worldwide’s all-seeing Terminator Speaker

Red-eyed, voice-controlled security cam speaker should make thieves think twice
28 July 2017 / 11:00BST

Smart security cameras are normally anonymous little chunks of plastic, designed to blend into your home furnishings, not stand out like a killer robot in a nursing home. But what’s scarier for a burglar to see on a shelf as they crawl through your kitchen window: a small beige square with a lens on it or an 18in metal skull with glowing red eyes? AC Worldwide’s T-800 speaker (from £275) has full Alexa support, plus a camera built into the left eye, so you can see who’s wandering around your home in real time via the accompanying app, with a year of cloud backup included for recordings. Hasta la vista, uncertainty.

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