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Innr’s outdoor smart lights are glowing orbs for your terrace, trees and turf

Smart balls of fire

Innr Globe Colour outdoor smart lights

Lanterns might add flickering ambience to any patio party, but it’s tricky to make a flame burn neon green. Want technicolour terrace lighting that you can tweak in a jiffy? Innr’s outdoor smart lights are the answer.

Designed to illuminate the great outdoors – or at least a corner of your lawn – the Globe Lights Colour are the latest addition to Innr’s growing system of smart lights. Connected wirelessly to an Innr Bridge, each 19cm orb can shine bright in one of more than 16 million shades.

An IP65 rating ensures the spheres shouldn’t fear those inevitable summer showers, while multiple mounting options mean positioning should be a cinch. Fitted to the bundled spike, the Globe Lights can be stuck in the turf to guide visitors up your garden path. Prefer illuminations from above? There’s also a hanging loop option, so you can easily sling the balls over branches, beams or just about any bit of garden furniture.

Innr Globe Colour outdoor smart lights

Besides Innr’s interface, the Globe Lights Colour are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, for ambience on command. The orbs also play along with Philips Hue, although they don’t work with Hue Entertainment syncing or Apple HomeKit.

Fire up the Innr app and a quick tap is all it takes to bathe your bushes in a cosy glow. Or, you know, garish disco tones. Intensity, colour and warmth can all be controlled from your smartphone, with the option to save different atmospheres for instant activation at a later date. Handy when you need your garden party to go from afternoon daze to evening rave.

Innr reckons its Globe Lights are good for more than 30,000 hours of usage, which should be enough to see you through more than a decade of sunset soirées. Shipped as a trio, the triple-pack will set you back £169. Blessed with extra yardage? Up to five additional Globe Lights can be added to your outdoor glow show, for £45 a pop.