The HiMirror Slide smart mirror is ready to appraise your face

Track your skin quality, watch videos – you know, normal mirror things
06 September 2019 / 10:13BST

Ever look in the mirror and don't like what you see? Well, with the HiMirror Slide (£119), now your mirror can look back… and point out problem areas. That's handy. This newly portable version of the company's smart mirror line has a built-in screen that includes a few clever features, scanning your skin daily to track things like wrinkles and dark circles and telling you how things are going. You can also put augmented reality makeup on your image to try out new looks, plus the screen can connect to social media services such as Facebook and Instagram to play videos while you primp and preen. It even has Amazon's Alexa built in. Who knew a mirror could be so multifaceted?

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