EverCam is a truly wireless security camera that’ll go for a whole year before needing a recharge

Hassle-free reassurance
19 April 2018 / 15:30BST

Nobody wants their TV pinched, but we reckon a lot of people would prefer to just hope the dog repays them for all that free food than go through the faff of installing an outdoor camera. Buster not much of a barker? You might want to pick up Eufy’s EverCam (from $219), a totally wireless security camera that you can stick straight onto pretty much any flat surface. No wires, no wall sockets, no pretending you know what you’re doing with a drill. Featuring infrared motion detection, human detection, facial recognition and a 140-degree wide viewing angle, it ticks off all the important bits of the surveillance checklist, and like most smart security cams it’ll ping notifications to your phone, with AI smarts ensuring that EverCam only bothers you when it spots something unusual. And the best bit? Thanks to assistance from battery specialists Anker, Eufy says its camera will last 365 days on a single charge. Pre-order now for an estimated September delivery.

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