The Canary View is a HD home security camera that won't break the bank

Canary in the coal mine
09 July 2019 / 17:51BST

Fancy turning your home into a veritable Fort Knox? You might want to have a gander at the Canary View (£79) smart home security camera. Recently launched in the UK, the View is an affordable HD camera stayed that'll let you see what's happening on the home front when you're miles away. AI-enabled smart detection allows the Canary View to detect and alert users of suspicious activity while avoiding false alarms, while the 147-degree wide-angle lens can be used to watch and record crisp high-definition footage at a moment's notice. It even has a two-way talk functionality that lets you have real-time conversations with those at home, which could be useful if you need to remind your teenage sprogs to do the laundry while you sun it up in the Maldives. Before you take the plunge, it's worth remembering that some features are only avaialble on specific Canary service plans, so be sure to read up on the different offers and bundles available to customers. 

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