The Artemis is a wireless charging station that doubles as a sleek touch lamp

Bright idea
25 August 2020 / 12:59BST

Anybody who's above the age of 20 will have felt the pull to the light. The inescapable urge to fill their home with shining beacons of all shapes and sizes: from the humble desk lamp to the imposing SKURUP - that's IKEA for 'big plastic lamp'. UK tech brand Groov-e wants to help homeowners sate that mystical hunger with the Artemis (£34.99), a sleek 5W wireless charging station that also doubles as a swish LED touch lamp. The perfect condiment for that delectable desk, bedside cabinet, or coffee table you've just purchased, the Artemis features an over-arching touch sensitive light bar that uses long-life energy saving LEDs to provides three classic brightness settings (low, medium, and high). It doesn't do much beyond that, but if you're after a charger-slash-lamp that delivers praticality with panache, you're starting at the ideal candiate. 

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