Pure’s DiscovR smart speaker covers its ears when you want some privacy

“Alexa, this is none of your business”
31 August 2018 / 15:00BST

No matter how much Amazon bangs on about security and encryption, not everyone is comfortable with essentially bugging their own house. Sure, you can mute your Echo’s mics, but can you really be sure she’s not eavesdropping? Pure’s new Alexa-infused, battery powered speaker physically compresses and disconnects the microphones when you don’t want to be heard, so you can discuss [REDACTED] and even [REDACTED] without having to worry. Best of all, even when the DiscovR’s been told to cover its ears you can still use it, with buttons on each corner that can be preset to activate particular commands. You can invite one into your home in October, for the not insignificant price of £229.99.

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