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KitchenAid’s Smart Display can take a good (pancake) battering

Stir up your cooking the smart way

Let’s face it, cooking can get a bit messy. And as great as cookbooks can be, they’re very susceptible to any splodges and splatters. Thankfully, we live an age where folks like KitchenAid are tucking into the world of Smart Displays to help us conquer our kitchens like the Bonafide (messy) chefs we were born to be. KitchenAid’s multifunctional Smart Display features a 10in touchscreen and Google Assistant, so you can yell at the thing when you need to double-check the recipe requires a whopping 500g of butter. With recipes, step-by-step instructional guides and Yummly app intergration, it’s also IPX-5 rated so it can withstand a rinse under your tap when you accidentally flick cake batter on it. Released later this year, there’s no official retail price yet, but we’re hoping it’ll get us cooking more.