Turn your mobile into a spoon or fork with this weird smartphone case

What the fork?
21 January 2019 / 12:23GMT

Are you sick to death of fumbling around with your phone while slurping up a bowl of cereal or shovelling down some pasta at lunch? We're not surprised. After all, how are you meant to browse Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram when one of your hands is busy chaperoning grub-laden cutlery to and from your mouth? It's a mighty quandary, but we might've found a solution. Allow us to introduce you to the 'sphoon_phork,' a nifty little smartphone case that turns your mobile into (you guessed it) a spoon or fork. Currently looking for funding over on Kickstarter, the genius contraption will let you stuff your face without ever having to put your phone down, creating a seamless eating-browsing experience that'll no doube bring joy to social media junkies around the world.