Tile unveils a new line-up of trackers just ahead of the Christmas season

Coming to stockings near you
08 October 2019 / 12:37BST

Hats off to Tile, which has for a while now been on a mission to stop us all from being massive losers. Specifically, losers of bags, keys and wallets, thanks to its smart trackers and app-based network of like minded users. The company has today refreshed its established Pro (£30) and Mate (£20) trackers, boosting the former’s range to 400ft and the latter’s from 150 to 200ft. But it’s the two new products that are more interesting. First, the completely redesigned Slim (£25), which is now in the shape of a credit card and much louder than the original. And rounding off the 2019 range is the Sticker (from £35 for a 2-pack), a tiny puck with an 150ft range and an adhesive back that Tile says will cure on just about anything. Tile says you can stick it to your laptop, bike saddle or tortoise - although if you’re losing one of those you should probably ask yourself if you’re up to the job.