Sensorwake Trio is an alarm clock that wakes you with light, sound and smells

Wake up to a smell. No, not that kind…
08 June 2018 / 12:00BST

Alarm clocks have long shocked you into consciousness, mostly by attempting to deafen you with shrill noise. But that’s not a pleasant way to wake up. Sensorwake Trio ($79) reckons it has a better way, based around sound, sight and smell. Its three-minute wake up process begins by infusing your room with a scent, like fresh coffee, peppermint or cookies. A minute later, Trio bathes your room in light, and then finally rouses you with a melody. The idea is to activate all of your senses, wakening you more fully. The downside is you’ll find yourself awake, motivated, ready to go, with nostrils full of lovely coffee or cookies aroma, and then realise you actually have to go and make those yourself.