The Raptor Lamp 2.0 shines bright - with a bit of bite

A dinosaur with domestic uses
28 June 2018 / 12:53BST

Toiling away in the darkness of your room can sometimes feel a bit lonely; it’s you vs. the deadline, and that’s that. You might feel in need of a helping hand, perhaps even some collaborative claws? Enter the Raptor Lamp 2.0 ($119). Equipped with a dimmable LED two- way light, this Jurassic style lamp can (quite literally) help shine light where there is darkness. It also doubles as a phone holder, with an adjustable silicone claw that is able to grasp your mobile device firmly for you. Not many people can boast of their phone being safeguarded by a dinosaur, much less of being accompanied by one at their bedside table. The light comes in four colourways: white and gold, coffee and gold, grey and silver, and red and gold. Pre-order now for an estimated Christmas delivery.