Picoh is a cute robot head that wants to be everything from your pet to your PA

Machine learning
31 January 2019 / 11:15GMT

This little robot wants a friend, because it ain’t got no body. And we mean that literally – Picoh (£77) is like someone decapitated a robot from a 1970s sci-fi flick, dropped it on your desk, and the oddball droid carried on functioning anyway. Despite lacking limbs, Picoh is the expressive type, conveying emotions by way of LED matrix eyes, a mechanical mouth, and its colourful base. The 10cm-tall ’bot can recognise speech, respond to prods on the nose, and has an ‘open brain’, in the sense you can programme the thing – whether you want Picoh to give you the weather forecast, or bark like a deranged canine when someone has the audacity to ring the doorbell.