This pack-away hammock does triple duty as a bivvy and a picnic rug

Outdoor versatility in a handy nylon package
10 May 2017 / 9:59BST

Few things rival the soul-soothing sway of a hammock for true relaxation. Unless, that is, the trees are too darn far apart to sling one up. Put an end to floppy fabric in the forest with M.C. Hammie (from US$99). A Kickstarter camping companion, when you’ve not clipped its aluminium carabiners to a pair of stumps to make a nylon hammock, you can flatten it out for use as a water repellent rug or, if the rain comes, peg it down as a pop-up shelter. And it all packs away in a tiny sack. Ray Mears eat your heart out.