Lego’s 1989 Batmobile immortalises the Tim Burton movie’s iconic car in bricks – 3306 of them

Where does he get those wonderful toys?
07 November 2019 / 14:50GMT

Say what you want about Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but the tank-like Batmobile was a bit rubbish. If you’re of a certain age, there’s only one true car for a masked vigilante with a Chiroptera obsession: the ‘Burtonmobile’. With Lego 1989 Batmobile (£219.99, available 29 November), that iconic movie vehicle has been remade in Lego form. Its sleek curves require 3,306 pieces, and the 3kg 60cm-long monster comes complete with grappling hooks, hidden hood machine guns, and Bat emblems on the wheel trim. You get a trio of exclusive minifigures too – so a tiny plastic Joker can kidnap a tiny Lego Vicky Vale, before being rescued by a tiny minifig Batman. Then they can all look at the nearby colossal Batmobile and wonder if they’ve slipped into a parallel universe where cinemas are showing Lego Honey, I Shrunk The Batman.