Lego Treehouse is a 3036-piece brick-based hideout with leaves made from actual plants

Trees are good
23 July 2019 / 19:24BST

You might have had a treehouse as a kid. We bet it wasn’t like Lego Treehouse (£179.99). Due on sale 1 August, this Swiss Family Robison-style construction is rather more luxurious than a few planks nailed to a tree. A robust staircase leads to three detail-packed cabins, which house neatly made beds, wooden furniture, and even a full bathroom. There’s no space for a kitchen, but at the foot of the tree you’ll find a suitably rustic dining set, along with a campfire and a cooking pot. Arguably, though, the most important bit of this huge set (37×27×24cm!) is the leaves. You get over 180, and they’re made from actual plants – sustainably sourced sugarcane. This is part of Lego’s attempts to make its plastic products more sustainable, a journey it hopes will be complete by 2030, thereby enabling it in terms of plastic usage to… … … turn over a new leaf. (Sorrynotsorry.)