Give your Moto Z a Gorilla Glass suit with the new Moto Style Shells

Beat the drop
01 February 2018 / 12:57GMT

Using something famously smashable as a protective shell for your phone definitely sounds a bit counter-productive, but Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of glass, and that’s what the new Moto Style Shells are made of. Available in a variety of colourful designs - Retro Stripe, Overlapping Triangles, Graphic Flowers, Expressive Curves and Coloured Leaves - the Mods will work with any Moto Z phone, and should be able to survive a pretty sizeable drop. At $29.99 across the board, they’re pricier than the previous wood and nylon variants, but you’d expect that for protection like this. We can’t spot any on Motorola’s UK store right now, but fingers crossed they pop up at some point.