Gary 2.0 is a headphone organiser designed to save you precious time

Reely useful
05 December 2017 / 14:00GMT

Approximately how much of your life do you estimate you've wasted on untangling earphones? Actually, don’t guess - we don’t want to ruin your week. If you haven’t yet bowed to the Apples and Googles of this world by cutting the cord, then you need this nifty little gadget in your backpack. Like Lineker, Numan and Oldman, Gary 2.0 is looking to make a mark on its respective field, automatically organising your headphones so you can get to your music quicker. There’s actually very little to it: just place the wires over the inner hook and the ring will reel them in. The next time you need them, just tug the end and they’ll quickly unravel, mercifully tangle-free. Back it on Kickstarter from £9.