Furrion Rova boldly goes where no cooler has gone before

This little box will give you the chills
22 January 2019 / 13:03GMT

It might look like some sort of emergency escape pod but the only thing Furrion’s Rova is going to save you from is feeling a bit parched. This space-age, battery powered cooler can keep its contents chilled for up to 10 days - perfect if you’re going on a bit of a roving mission of your own. It can get seriously cold inside, with a low of -22°C, so don’t forget about those cans or you’ll end up with ice sculptures in no time. The onboard power also provides juice for the built-in trio of USB ports and a Qi wireless charging panel, so your phone can get refreshed if starts gasping as well. Add in the retractable handle that can double as a table and you’ve got the perfect camping accessory. Especially if you’re pitching your tent on Venus.