Sony celebrates 500m PlayStations sold with translucent PS4 Pro

Blue is the colour
10 August 2018 / 15:14BST

Sony has sold a lot of PlayStations over the past 24 years: over 525.3 million units worldwide, according to the manufacturer, taking into account four generations of the home console, plus the PSP and PS Vita handhelds. And to celebrate smashing through that half a billion milestone, it’s about to drop the swanky PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Edition (priced at £449.99, available to order from 24th August) coming in a fetching dark blue translucent design and limited to 50,000 models (it comes with a 2TB hard drive and special redesigned PlayStation Camera, controller, mono headset and vertical stand too). If you already own a PS4 Pro and want to get in on the commemorative party vibe, you can buy the bundled controller (also translucent blue) separately for £54.99, or a luxe Gold Wireless Headset for £77.99.