Sharpin is a DIY bartop pinball cabinet that runs on Android and won’t break the bank

Balls of steel
09 December 2019 / 17:36GMT

Pinball machines – even virtual ones – can cost thousands. But pinball on a tablet or computer lacks the physicality of the real thing. Sharpin (from €149) aims to plug the gap. This virtual pinball cabinet won’t take over your house or break the bank, and yet it gives you something that resembles old-school pinball action. Depending on your budget and needs, you can grab a ‘BASE’ kit that works with a phone, or the all-in-one ‘ULTRA’ with its own computing unit. Either way, you get a 24in HD display, speaker and buttons, all in a CNC-cut cabinet that takes about ten minutes to construct. And when you’re not spanging metal balls about, you can connect up a controller and partake in some portrait-format Android retrogaming larks like Pac-Man – or even flip Sparpin on its side for an adorably weird and chunky media player.