Quarter Arcades Galaga is a perfect pint-sized desktop replica of an arcade classic

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28 June 2019 / 16:44BST

Galaga was a turning point in the arcades. Not content for you to take pot-shots at them, like the doddery idiots in Space Invaders, Galaga’s extraterrestrials would angrily dive-bomb your ship. It was a classic. However, even if you could find a working cabinet these days, chances are you’d have nowhere to put it, hence Quarter Arcades Galaga (£129.99). As with Pac-Man, Numskull has worked its magic to miniaturise the original in painstakingly authentic fashion. you get backlit marquee art, a two-way joystick, and a tiny coin door. Even the screws are lovingly recreated replicas of those on the original cabinet. Get your trigger finger all warmed up for September, when the unit ships worldwide; 2019 will also see quarter-sized takes on Ms. Pac-Man and Galaxian, and then Track & Field, Space Invaders and the superb Dig Dug will join the line-up in 2020.