Evercade VS brings retro to your telly, with plug-in cartridges and local multiplayer

Four play
23 April 2021 / 16:00BST

Thumbing its nose at any notion of homogeneity in games hardware, last year’s Evercade was a delightfully quirky handheld. With plug-in carts and a catalogue of classic titles, it gave you a welcome hit of nostalgia. Now Evercade wants to invade your living room with Evercade VS (£89.99, available November 2021). The dinky TV console is compatible with existing Evercade games and features two cartridge slots. A brand-new telly-optimised interface lets you quickly browse plugged-in games and offers a range of screen filters and options (including, presumably, one for monsters who insist on stretching classic games to fill a widescreen display). Neatly, progress is saved to the carts so you can start a game on your Evercade and continue on your VS. But also, there are four controller ports on the VS, letting you take on a chum using an Evercade or third-party controller – shortly before smacking them over the head with it when they unsportingly score against you during the last few seconds in Sensible Soccer.