Zarooq’s SandRacer 500 GT does sand dunes like a turbo camel

Bringing new meaning to sandblasting
13 July 2017 / 15:03BST

Getting through the desert used to mean hiring a batch of camels and aiming for the nearest oasis while hoping that your iPhone's compass kept working far from any mast. In 2017, though, it’s all about stitching a Lamborghini-like machine to Dakar-grade dampers with 45cm of suspension travel, strapping a 6.2-litre V8 inside and firing 525bhp through the rear wheels. All in a vehicle that weighs just 1300KG, thanks to a carbon fibre body construction. Stitch in a luxury leather interiory made in Germany by Mansory and Zarooq’s US$450,000 SandRacer 500 GT starts to look like an off-roader that’s anything but barren.

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