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Toyota’s FT-AC is the Indiana Jones of rugged off-roaders

Concept car comes packed with camera gear for recording those epic adventures

It’s no good conquering mountains or crossing vast deserts if you can’t snap a selfie or two while you’re at it – but with Toyota’s concept SUV you can leave the camera at home. The FT-AC has a load of ‘em, built into the bumper and door panels, and they can record in infra-red so your night-time exploring doesn’t have to go unrecorded. Better yet, they pop off so you can hook them up to a mountain bike – and the foglights do a similar trick. A built-in Wi-Fi hotspot will upload your footage once you’re done, and you can edit clips in the cloud using your phone – or live-stream them right away. Behind all the tech, the FT-AC looks like a capable machine, with a beefy body-on-frame mated to chunky tyres and a forgiving off-road suspension. No word on what parts of this concept will make it to production, or when, but any budding Bear Grylls should keep a close eye on Toyota’s R&D department.